What is Shopify and how can it help grow your business?

8 min
Sean Kelly

eCommerce is an exciting and ever-growing industry. More people than ever are turning to the internet as their first choice for shopping, and this trend doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. There are a lot of options out there for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business. But Shopify has some specific features that make it stand out from the rest making Shopify such a popular eCommerce platform in its simplicity. It's designed to be easy for anyone with no tech experience to get started building an online store, so it has all the tools you need in one place and gets out of your way as much as possible when you're getting things set up. This includes 24/365 support from their customer success team if anything goes wrong or there are ever questions about how something works, which can make life easier for entrepreneurs who might not have years of technical expertise under their belt. Plus, they offer live chat on every page of the site in case customers want help at any time during shopping hours. There's even a developer section where people can find apps created by other Shopify stores which allows them access to all areas of the platform including order management tools, customer information storage, inventory control, easy shipping labels via USPS (with discounted rates), tax calculation tools for US, Canadian & international orders, accounting.

The first thing that people need to do when they want to start an eCommerce business is set up their online store. Shopify makes this process as simple as possible, with a few different options depending on the user's needs. Customers can choose from one of more than 100 professionally designed themes that are customizable and include useful features like product gallery slideshows. There are also plenty of blog posts and support articles available in case customers have any questions or run into trouble along the way. During setup, users will create their own unique Shopify URL so they can start promoting their products, and it's possible to import all kinds of existing content from other sites or eCommerce platforms. It takes care of the work for you in just a few clicks.

Shopify also has its own payment processing system which is quick & secure (they use Stripe), with no monthly fees required like PayPal charges some users. All that needs to happen is linking an existing bank account or setting up payments via credit card and shoppers will be able to buy exactly as if they were on any other online store - but one that uses Shopify means customers are protected by both SSL encryption and fraud protection tools which helps make sure transactions go smoothly every time while minimizing liability for merchants who might have otherwise faced chargeback issues.

Shopify has a full suite of tools that help merchants manage their store, and that includes an innovative Shopify POS system for brick & mortar locations. If a business wants to sell in both places it's possible to connect the eCommerce site with the physical storefront(s) by syncing inventory across all platforms so they're easily accessible from either location (and can be managed through one account). This also allows customers who are shopping online to visit any physical location that accepts Shopify payments and pick up their order right away without having to go home first or wait around at work until it shows up - when they pay online, shipping is automatically adjusted depending on which address they enter during checkout.

Inventory management isn't the only way that Shopify helps with growth. There are also apps available that can be added to a store by clicking on "Apps" in the dashboard, and these include features like abandoned cart recovery (which sends customers an email if they leave their shopping cart without checking out), direct carrier shipping labels for USPS (with discounted rates compared to competitors) & accounting tools so business owners know exactly how much money is coming in - all from one place.

Shopify is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to start selling online but don't have any experience building websites or coding eCommerce platforms themselves. It has plenty of features that make setting up shop easy including simple setup options, 24/365 support via live chat or submitted tickets, complete flexibility when it comes to design & layout and an array of apps that can be installed in minutes. It also has a built-in payment processor, accounting tools, shipping options and lots more. Shopify can help any business get started selling online & in-store, no matter what their size or available resources.