The Impact of Globalization on Ecommerce: The Art of Converting Customers from Around the World

Sean Kelly

The world is getting smaller.  Multi-currency and global eCommerce growth are two trends that businesses can use to their advantage. Multi-currency makes it easier for customers from developing countries to purchase products online, opening up a new market of consumers who are eager to shop with ease and convenience. BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform optimized for multi-currency transactions, giving retailers the tools they need to grow globally without facing growth are making it possible for online stores to sell their products to customers all around the globe. BigCommerce, an enterprise solution provider, recently announced that they will be launching Multi-Currency Ecommerce in September of 2019. This new feature will enable merchants to offer up to four currencies on one website without the need for additional integrations or software development workarounds.

Starting with Multi-Currency eCommerce means you can start selling your goods right away in multiple currencies including USD, AUD, CAD and GBP! As a result of this launch, more than 5 million businesses globally will now be able to take advantage of Multi-Currency eCommerce and sell their goods to millions of new customers. Multi-Currency eCommerce is a free feature, so there’s no need to pay additional licensing fees or royalties and it will be available for both BigCommerce Plus+ (customers with annual revenue of $250K+) and Basic plans (those with higher monthly sales volumes). Multi-Currency transactions are enabled using the two most popular payment gateways in the world - Stripe and PayPal.

Multi-Currency eCommerce makes it possible for BigCommerce merchants to sell their products in multiple currencies without having to worry about the additional programming and customizations. Multi-currency transactions are enabled using Stripe or PayPal, which means you can start selling your goods right away with Multi-Currency eCommerce!

As mentioned earlier, global eCommerce growth is another trend that businesses need to take advantage of if they want to increase sales through online channels. Globalization means consumers from developing countries will be more likely than ever before to purchase products on an international scale due to increased availability and lower prices as a result of reduced tariffs. In addition, these new customers will have no problem finding stores stocked with items they like based on consumer reviews. Multi-Currency eCommerce is a great way for businesses to start selling their products internationally and BigCommerce makes the process even easier! Multi-currency transactions make it possible for customers from developing countries, as well as those who prefer multi-currency payments such as Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders or U.K residents, can purchase your goods with ease using AUD, GBP, CAD & USD all in one transaction.

Multi-Currency eCommerce will be available on both BigCommerce Plus+ (customers with annual revenue of $250k+) and Base plans (those with higher monthly sales volumes). Multi-Currency eCommerce also means you don’t need to pay additional licensing fees royalties - it's free.